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March 9, 2021, News

Welcome to The Family Apothecary! Comprehensive, natural health care for the whole family. You will find lots of bits and pieces of information in this blog that will help you care for your family at home, naturally.

During acute illnesses, many people’s first port of call is the chemist. If things get worse, then off to the doctor. Depending on your doctor, this may lead to antibiotics. Without the tools to know what to do, this is the path most of us take. Fortunately, there are so many natural alternatives, most of us just don’t know what they are! But did you know that every time you conquer an acute cold, cough, flu, skin rash etc etc with homeopathic medicine, you strengthen your vitality and immunity! With a stronger vital force, the better you will be able to manage any chronic illness that is thrown at you! It’s worth a try!

Unfortunately, conventional medical treatments (eg antibiotics, steroids) are sometimes necessary, but they will compromise the vital force. We need to keep these treatments for when they are absolutely required as opposed to our go-to fix all!

Please use the information I provide to help get through the snotty noses, injuries, coughs, hand, foot and mouth, impetigo, worms. If you have further questions then feel free to contact me. If things are progressing, book in for a short consult. Or if it’s called for, then off to the doctor you go!

Some exciting news

A documentary regarding homeopathy and it’s use around the world is on it’s global tour and will be held in Melbourne on 2nd August at the Jam Factory! It sheds a light on homeopathy and despite so much negative publicity and corrupt reviews, why millions of people around the world choose to keep using it.

Watch the official trailer and see what you think!.. I hope you can make it.

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