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Health and Homeopathy

Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Lyme pans, pandas. If any of these mean anything to you? You absolutely want to listen to this interview with Sarah Valentini who is a homeopath out of Australia. She works with Angelica Lemke who assesses clients based on intuitive homeopathy and reports a 70%-80% success rate!!

[00:06:13] Case Taking and Prescribing
[00:09:13] PANDAS – handwritting decline, rages, anxiety, sleep
[00:12:48] Intuitive Approach
[00:14:29] Uproot Miasms Now?
[00:16:54] Success Rate
[00:23:21] Nonverbal Child
[00:25:49] Specialist in Homeopathy
[00:31:03] Thoughts on the Banerji Protocols
[00:35:05] Muscle Testing Remedies
[00:38:00] PANS
[00:40:57] Second Case of PANS
[00:41:48] Bed Wetting
[00:46:07] Third PANS Case
[00:51:38] Healing Expectations
[00:53:33] PANDAS Case
[00:54:39] Heavy Metals
[00:58:48] More About Connecting with Sarah and the Team
[01:01:30] Healing Complex Children and Learning Intuitive Hoemopathy
[01:04:11] Potency and Frequency
[01:06:43] Intuitive School Find complete transcripts and links to remedies and disclaimer at Enjoyed a particular story? Check out our YouTube page for individual stories and remedy links to send to friends and loved ones. Have fun with us and learn remedies for every situation on TikTok Join the discussion on the Banerji Protocol User Facebook group Support me and Get More for Yourself through Join the Membership As always, we encourage you to first seek professional homeopathic assistance.

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